According to this video, the Fag Nazi Homosexuals have declared war against us Christians and our school children…

Astonishing Nazi Fact’s uncovered by: Scott Lively  

The Nazi’s Were Fags (Homosexuals)….

Hundreds if not thousands of books actually document the fact that the Nazi’s were actual Homosexual Fags!

If President Obama approves Fag (Homosexual) marriage, this heavily documented  fact by Obama means he’s granting the Nazi’s the permission to practice the Nazi lifestyle right here in America.

Scott Lively has graduated college and is currently an authentic lawyer who practices law.

Scott has so many credentials to back up his hundreds of hours of research into this subject.

The Fags of America have been trying to stop him from getting this message out.

Please take the time out of your life to listen to this video and get the truth about our human history on earth.

The Fags of America want to do the same thing the Nazi’s did in Germany which is to physically kill every person that is not a Fag (Homosexual).

The Fags in the Holocaust were put into camps, but the fags were not put in death camps. But the Jews were put into death camps.

The only reason some fags were put in prison camps was strictly for political reasons.

But the whole Nazi regime was documented as being homosexual.

Scott’s book is named: The Pink Swastika.

The bottom line is America is currently under siege by the Fag Nazi’s and they are very dangerous and should be detained in any way possible.

They are truly demons walking on earth in human bodies with nothing but pure evil on their agenda.

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