American Police Making Their Own Laws

This is a video about American Police making their own laws. The police in this video should be a little bit more human…

A police officer like this will tell lies all the way to the judge and some how justify to himself that his actions were correct.

The police officer in this video was simply not doing his job correctly in my opinion…

Video taping in public is legal. If you video tape on a public street that is legal in a free country like the United States.

What happened in this video is this particular group of police officers told the person recording in public, that it is illegal to video tape on a public street.

Do these police officers actually think they own the public streets?

Do these police officers actually think they own your wife’s vagina?

Do these police officers actually believe they have the right to enter your yard and kill you, your family, simultaneously killing every living thing on your property?

America, get your fat ass away from the television set, then remove yourself from the box surrounding your television set and your brain thoughts, simply throw the box away and climb out!

Wake up America!

You are under attack from Satan in police uniforms, along with the man currently sitting in the 2013 presidential white house seat that approves Fag (homosexual) male to male butt sex in your neighborhood in front of your children!

This is a total totalitarian hoodlum regime taking siege of America by storm all across the country.

Our U.S. tax dollars should go to the person with the camera in his hand and offer that person an unlimited supply of U.S. tax dollars to sue the pants off of the police officer who claims it is illegal to video tape on a public street.

Every U.S. tax dollar should be used to accelerate the use of public video taping on public streets and also used to lock up cops like the lying cop in this video for at least a year, until these multiple self ruling cops realizes video taping on a public street should be legal in a free country like the United States of America…

America take back your country!

As for his partners, they should all be locked up along with this cop who say’s its illegal to be video taping in public…

All these cops should also be charged for being smelly and ugly on public property, and utilizing the tax payers dollars to harass normal citizens doing normal things in public.

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