Hard Rock Evidence of God Splitting a Huge Rock in Half for Moses to Provide Water for Millions of People.

Within the contents of this video you will find indisputable hard core evidence of the Holy Bible documenting a directional map that leads Moses and the people of Israel through the Red Sea to Mount Zion.

Hard Rock Evidence of God Splitting a Huge Rock in Half

They way I see things on the subject of God are…

God created man to live forever in a world that would also live forever and would never die. When God’s design did not work out as originally designed the fact that man will live forever has never changed because that is the way God made man.

From all the documentation on this subject within the pages of the Holy Bible and myself being a man, I personally came to the theory that the original genetic make up of man has not changed and will never change. My theory on the subject is God simply split man into two just like the giant rock being split in this video…

God split man into a physical man on earth and the other half of man is living in the spiritual world that God custom adjusted for man to live…

Maybe this is why we have dreams when we sleep, we may just be roaming around in our other world, which is our spiritual world.

Since God created man to live forever, man has to live in an environment designed for each individual personality, of each man created by God on earth.  No matter what may arise in man, positive or negative, God can always adjust the environment of man and provide the daily needs of God’s very unique creation called man.

As a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, when man physically dies on earth he automatically goes to his eternal environment God has prepared for his other half. Some of us men will go straight up to heaven, and some will go straight to hell!

Watch this video, and then ask Jesus to forgive you and accept his holy gift of eternal life in heaven, simply for believing Jesus is the real deal!

Time is running out and the cost to make this life changing decision is free…

You have nothing to lose, simply accept the truth about God, Jesus and the Holy living Spirit.

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