How Do We Humans Protect Ourselves from Nazi Fags (Homosexuals) in our own Family’s and Government?

Thanks to “Scott Lively” a world renowned researcher and lawyer who recently published a book called:  “The Pink Swastika”, who by accident discovered that the Nazi’s were actually Fag Homosexuals….

Once Scott found the scent on a trail to this now known fact like any good lawyer…

Scott discovered hundreds of books that were actually cited by government officials who actually documented the sexual dysfunction in the Nazi’s.

Scott now has the attic of his house filled with these books as references to his hundreds of hours of research into this very important subject.

According to Scott, during the previous wars possibly thousands of these books that documented his discovery were deliberately publicly burned.

I myself Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. have always suspected that the Fag movement was something evil and contained much deeper secrets than appeared on the surface.

A lot of my fellow humans on earth have previously criticized me for being so concerned about a bunch of homosexual Fags, but today with Scott’s discovery this has confirmed by suspicions that have haunted me for over the last two decades.

I’m an old fashioned street fighter who grew up with beer at the age of 14 and multiple street fights on the streets of Las Vegas, New Mexico, simultaneously attending two years of high school there and being on the High School wrestling team.

In 1983 I returned to my home town of Las Vegas, Nevada and joined the United States Coast Guard at the age of 17 at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, I was sworn in under a glass chandelier… In 1987 in received an honorable discharge to take care of all the children, girlfriends and wives that I some how created during one year of drinking somewhere around the year 1986.

My point is… I grew up in a very unique macho environment and homosexual fags to me at that age, even at any age seemed and currently seems like some sort of alien from another planet that simply needs their guts splattered all over the sidewalk. My concern is do the Fag Nazi homosexuals feel the same way about every other living human on earth that is “NOT” a male homosexual Nazi Fag?

Well folks, it’s pretty obvious what is currently going on in the ranks of humans in the world of today and yesterday…

History serves a purpose; history is there to review what has happened in the past and to prevent bad events such as the Nazi holocaust from happening in the future.

Now that we now officially know the truth, us humans educated or simply plain dumb uneducated humans can now put the pieces together and figure out what is going on…

If Nazi’s were truly Fag homosexuals like Scott Lively has proven, that means genetically home grown personalities of a Nazi fag homosexual any where in the world will turn to his natural instinct which is become part of the Nazi movement which promotes fag male Nazi butt sex and the elimination of life in any way to every other human on earth that is not a Fag Nazi homosexual.

This is described in the Holy Bible as evil from the devil Satan, who roams the earth seeking recruits to accompany himself in Hell for eternal damnation in the burning flames in the lake of fire without any hope of every escaping.

In regards to regular Christian people reading this…

This is a very scary and real information that I’m handing you today, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if Scott Lively has actually discovered true information from his hundreds of hours of research and cited uncovered secret books, our world wide global domestic Fag Nazi homosexuals that are family members and government officials will soon turn on you like a vicious known species of a domestic baby lion in your living room near your children, who may eat your entire family while you are at work when this lion grows up.

Us humans on earth need to immediately address this life threatening situation and immediately find a solution before we all become a extinct species due to the nature of the  home grown earths evil Fag Nazi homosexuals in the worlds family’s and governments.

Honestly straight Christian America, I do not have the answer to this problem. But Jesus does…

Every Christian needs to continue doing the work of Jesus and continuing applying the Holy Spirit to this evil situation and Jesus will take care of it and guide us normal followers of Christ to the Holy solution.

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