Lightning Storms

As a professional truck driver for over a decade now, I’ve spent hours upon hours out on the open highway of America and I know anytime I look up into the open sky I will find a multitude of faces in the sky…

Honestly those faces in the sky are your only companions as a national coast to coast truck driver on the open highway of the United States of America. These living faces and storms have a tendency to follow a truck driver on the open road and in a way they will communicate with the truck driver and sometimes simply play with the driver with a gust of wind to rattle you off the highway into the next lane.

I get a lot of tumble weeds blown at me on the open highway and all kinds of strange weather events.

I once had those kind of noticeable unforgettable experiences years ago driving through the state of Kansas where I was actually being followed by some type of lightning storm and it seemed to just be having fun with me showing all its lights and colors.

Any way I’m not going to beat the bush any more. I have a treat for you today; because of all my experiences with the sky and storms I happened to be watching a video on about a lightning storm. I took a picture of the “Cnn News” video on my computer and looked for some faces… Sure enough! The first picture I took of the video I immediately found two faces that I want to share with you today along with some additional video’s of lightning storms that I found on the internet.

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Faces in a Lightning Storm