Obama’s Push Button Cyanide Poisonous Dictatorship

According to Ron Paul’s website, Obama’s 1,000 page health care plan which includes Class II RFID microchips to be implanted in every American on earth for health care communication between the hospital and the patient.

More earth shaking news, according to a YouTube video located at this URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsbgqTCS9ZQ#t=41 a scientist claims to be able to kill people using cyanide poisoning that is embedded in a microchip implant the size of a piece of rice that can be embedded in a human or any other living animal. The same chip Obama intends on planting in the American public can also be filled with cyanide and at a push of a button Obama can simply instantly kill every American human who has the implant in their body.

I’m a very busy person and I do not have time to write about this crap. But, if I do not act now before these homosexual Fags in office carry out their plan every American will be dead and their will be no one left to alert dead America to the fact that we the people of the United States of America need to immediately impeach American President Barack Muslim Obama with a boot up his ass!

Next we need to trash and shred his Obama Health Care Plan and deactivate any mandatory microchip implant to qualify for public benefits.

It’s very obvious according to the facts that Obama’s daddy was a Muslim who has one mission in life which is to kill Americans. Obama’s Mommy and Daddy divorced when he was two years old, then he was adopted by an Asian Daddy and Obama went by a different name all the way up to the time he entered college. Obama has also used three different social security numbers in his life. Obama has lied about just about everything and has violated numerous federal and state laws while under oath to speak the truth.

America’s first black president wants to be slick and kill everyone he does not approve of with a RFID microchip implant.

America wake up to the absolute truth, smell the coffee and look reality straight in the mirror. America you have been scammed by a African black president who is nothing more than a deadly foreign implant in the American White House…

If cyanide poisoning in you and your children is not enough to wake up America and impeach this piece of trash we now have controlling every tax dollar you contribute, who’s name is Obama…

America if you do not impeach this president right now this minute you all deserve to die of cyanide poisoning for being so stupid!


Obama - Picture 2

Obama's Asian Muslim Daddy that adopted him at the age of two
Obama's school registration records using his Muslim adopted name
Obama's fake social security numbers

Obama not only is a rag head, but he partys with rag heads

Obama accepts blood money from

Obama's natural biological daddy who is a Muslim
More proof of Obama wanting to be the dictator of the world. Obama has even pissed off God the creator of the world - The true and only God with his son Jesus is the only dictator of this world.

Obamas Mommy

More criminal information about Obama

Obama's Resume

Obama's social security information

More info

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