Over 20 Radio Transmitter Stations are currently affecting the Worlds Weather around the Globe

According to this video clip from the History Channel… Several Military organizations have an array of towers set up around the world that shoot radio wave wattage signals into a designated area of  the atmosphere, which drives the clouds up that cause droughts, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes.

This seems real simple once you watch the video, this video has made a believer out of me which explains a lot of the  dead birds falling out of the sky in various parts of the world… It also explains our sudden global warming, simply because these enormous radio waves heat up the ions in the atmosphere which are simply hot.

But, then again not to be redundant, but all this activity was prophesied in the Holy Bible about mans advancements in technology as we come closer to return of Jesus and his angles raptureing people and physically taking over the earth.

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