Shocking Evidence of the Fag Nazi Homosexual Teacher Agenda

As Of Today February 4, 2012; DNA Evidence Has Confirmed That Fags Have Been Breeding And Reproducing Themselves Through Elementary School Children …

As of today February 4, 2012 Mark Berndt slipped through the cracks and exposed what the Fags have been doing for several decades inside the United States of America.

Mark Berndt, the school teacher has been arrested in Los Angeles, CA  for  tying up and blindfolding 23 students between the ages of eight through 10 and feeding them his DNA tested semen on  a spoon according to various news sources.

This 61 year old has accumulated over 100 pictures of himself doing this.

A photo processor is responsible for blowing the whistle!

All the teachers working in the school probably knew what was going on but did not do anything probably because the whole zip code of residents in that area are already possessed by Satan and they probably feel this is okay.

The bottom line to this story is, not only are the Fags sciocologicaly programming children to accept perverted  fag behavior but, they are also physically introducing children to fag sexual experiences in U.S.A run elementary schools.  This evidence clearly points to the explosion of our current fag society.

For the last 30 years of Mark Berndt’s teaching life or maybe even longer this USA government is currently teaching our children to accept or be a male homosexual fag in elementary school.

These government officials are paving the way for school fag teachers to sexually molest our children in elementary school with out the parents detecting what’s going on so the kid will either accept and like the fag lifestyle or else simply accept it for the norm.

According to various news sources in the Los Angeles county this teacher has been doing this for 30 years or maybe longer only to be detected recently by a concerned photo processor.

This is not an isolated incident since 23 students showed up in the photo’s some of the parents and teachers must of known what was going on.

Right now as I’m typing this information to you a young child that belongs to Jesus and potentially a victim of Satan’s overwhelming spirit  is being molested by a school teacher somewhere in the United States of America and the Fag Congressman are daily creating laws to protect the school teachers to physically sexually teach our young children how to accept the Fag perverted lifestyle.


The solution to fix this problem is as follows:

  1. Home school your children!
  2. If you can not home school your children make sure the elementary school you send them to has an internet camera in every classroom and is password protected so only parents can view their children on line via the internet at any time day or night or whenever, nothing but total access 24/7.
  3. Fire all fags get rid of them kick them to the curb and let them live out of trash cans; and when they can’t afford to buy health insurance, Obama will jail them and hopefully throw away the key.
  4. Tie  the elementary school teacher Mark Berndt to the tether ball pole on the school playground and allow all the school children to stone him to death, then assign a government police officer who is not a fag but is a parent and allow this police officer to shoot Mark Berndt in the head between the eyes with his gun to make sure he his physically dead. Then cremate Mark Berndt and mix his ashes with kitty litter to be sold on the public market of the USA and the world via E-bay then, donate the money to internet cameras for USA public schools.
  5. Let’s elect only non alternative lifestyle individuals to public office who do not want to change the U.S. constitution to accommodate Satan’s sexually perverted lifestyle. Satan is a spirit that fills the physical bodies of fleshly people who are born on earth and it is a struggle for the Holy Spirit to live and work in a human body when the human body allows Satan’s spirit to live and work inside the body.  So when preachers and Christian spiritual leaders claim their is a spiritual war going on that is exactly what their talking about.
  6. Make it illegal, not legal to allow law enforcement individuals and U.S. Judges, lawmakers and anyone else in an authoritative position to maintain their current position or accept a authoritative position if they are in any way a sexually perverted person or else simply a fag or a person who accepts the fag lifestyle; such as our current U.S. president Obama who thinks all fags should be able to have an authoritative position in our military so all our U.S. Marines can have semen on a spoon in the chow hall lunch line and then tied up and blind folded for dinner.



Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.


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