Sun Flares May Cause City Black Outs

Have you ever looked at the sun?

I mean have you ever looked at the sun?

Right now with this video you will be able to look directly at the sun with out going blind.

Even looking at the sun in this video gives me a glimpse into eternity, the emptiness of fire located in one place makes me immediately think of “Hell”…

Hell is a very empty place without a exit plan.  Look at this video of the sun and then imagine you were on the surface of the sun and you simply were not allowed to  die, but you could fell all the pain from all the burning, scourging, skin peeling, bone cooking   heat.

Well folks that is exactly what millions upon millions of people are feeling right now in “Hell”!

If you do not believe me simply go to this special website I created at: then click on the picture icon called “Hell Really Exists” – Immediate Access.

Get a first hand experience from this guy’s journey through hell. Watch his video’s and simply believe hell is actually this hot.

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