The United States Government or anyone can now listen to your every word and movement with your cell phone off!

The United States Government or anyone can now listen to your every word and movement with your cell phone off!

The only way to stop this type of intrusion is by removing the battery from your cell phone.

It’s no secret folks, everyone knows that the government and any one else who downloads some software off the internet can listen to your every move and phone conversations as well as your private conversations in your household.

It’s very obvious why the Obama administration is so helpful in providing free cell phones for everyone.  Free phones to the population means more control over every detail of your personal and financial life.

If you have a customer who is on the way to your house to buy that used car for sale in your driveway… Well, now if the government wants to make sure you stay poor so you can not pay your bills, they simply send some one with an old used government car to smash into your customer who is on the way to your house to give you money for that car in your driveway…  They simply call this an accident.

If the government wants to know every detail of your life, they usually have the money and man power, plus an unlimited supply of financial and other resources to control your every positive opportunity to make money like a puppet on a string…

If for some reason they think you will use a gun to shoot them in the  head or throat once they come crashing through your door in the name of “Martial Law,” they will do everything in their power to prevent you from having money to buy guns, bullets and supplies to protect your home. The more of a American Patriot you are, the more the spying government entity’s will listen and target your household as well as every interior and exterior detail in your life.

Now a day’s the U.S. government is offering you money for your guns…

Wake up America!

The government now knows how many times you fart in your sleep.  They now have so much technology to watch and listen to your every move that is almost suffocating to even think of the enormous amount of data that is currently collected on every American in the United States with cell phones and other technologies, like heat detection devices to look through your walls and ceilings.

With my background in completing numerous computer science correspondence courses in the year 1996 … Today in the year 2013, I could just imagine the leaps and bounds in technology that has been developed to ensure a computer program is written to do just about anything when it come to population  control.

In other words the U.S. government probably by now has some kind of software that automatically accumulates data on a person simply by turning the computer switch off and on.

The government can even control population by making it difficult to see and communicate with your own girlfriend; they may even be pissing of God by separating legally married couples to prevent more children from being born.  This may be a reason for the high divorce rate.

If the government wants to isolate a person from his friends, family and bank account or simply, set up a person to fail in what ever that person is trying to accomplish in life… It can now be easily done with the right spy equipment and computer technology.

What I’m typing today may not be what you want to hear, but according to numerous videos attached to this blog that I’m presenting to you today, there are all kinds of videos on You Tube preaching the same message.

So, now a day’s when it comes to anything in your life, such as a relationship with a lover or a business deal. It has to be government approved to flourish and be successful.

This is way to much control for an organization whether it be the U.S. government or else any organization or individual with this type of common everyday cheap, inexpensive technology.

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