The World Changed Overnight with Stanley Meyers New Water Car

In 1998 Stanley Meyer was poisoned at a restaurant by the Arabs who are selling the United States Oil, or simply our government which was being run by United States President Bush at that time who personally owns oil wells throughout the world.

The death of Stanley was caused by Satan the evil spirit who occupies the human bodies and creates the love of money in people’s hearts versus the love for the creator of all life and his only holy son Jesus.

Stanley Meyer was running up and down the freeways and byways of the United States with a dune buggy that completely ran on water and had water fuel injected spark plugs with a computer set up to a electrical throttle system which regulated the amount of polarized water that would be injected into the firing cylinder for speed control of the vehicle.

Stanley Meyers patented invention is by far the most keep it simple stupid system I have come across on the internet when it comes to transportation, clean air and saving our planet from the vicious ruthless cash greedy animals who currently control the oil industry.

Right now, if you were to define the handful elite people who want to control the actions of every other human on earth it will be the oil people.

Stanley was scheduled to fly a jet around the world on water and various other applications to industrial equipment before he was poisoned.

Stanley pleased Jesus and all the angels in heaven including God so greatly that authorization was granted by the creator to allow Stanley to be poisoned by the oil people simply to be present with Jesus and the environment of heaven.

Stanley always gave Jesus the credit for all his accomplishments and he was tremendously filled with the Holy Spirit….

Stanley Meyers is simply an American hero who should not be forgotten, but Stanley absolutely should have an American holiday in the calendar strictly reserved for Stanley Meyers who changed the world with his “Water Dune Buggy”.

My 2013 perception of what’s going on right now in the oil industry which is this elite group of people is: President Barack Obama is currently rubbing shoulders with these Arabs who control the world oil supply.  Instead of looking for an alternate power supply, this group of killers has created what’s called the Obama Health Care Plan which makes it mandatory to have a computer Class II RFID implant chip embedded in an American citizen’s body for communication from the patient to the hospital.

This chip can also be used to carry cyanide which can be released by a radio frequency signal triggered by a government official any time they feel like killing you.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg on what these oil people can do once the chips are placed in your body. GPS tracking, mind control and the list remains unlimited each year once the hardware is in your body.  Hardware can be programmed by software, and it’s just a matter of time before you are a complete vegetable whose every action is controlled by the orders of this elite oil group who do not want to give up their wealth to a guy named Stanley Meyers under any condition.

Soon after Stanley Meyers death in 1998… 2001 World Trade Center Disaster rolled around which was caused by Bush and his oil buddy’s that wear rags on their heads. There are numerous photos on the internet of Bush and Obama with rags on their heads while having meetings with all the oil people who wear rags on their heads. Not hats but rags! Just the fact that these rich people can’t afford a hat with all their money and who prefer to wear rags on their head instead; this is definitely an absolute sign of insanity between the ears of these oil idiots

If Stanley were alive today we would all be driving cars on rain water, snow and dirty lake water.  Stanley was positioned to go into mass production with the distribution of his invention right before he was poisoned

America “do not” buy cars that run on gas, Keep your old car and convert it to run on water now that you know this is a true reality. Change the world one American at a time.  American citizens this is your country not the country the Arabs and all the oil thugs around the world think they own.

America wake up and fight back by only buying cars that run on water or air!

America please stop being stupid by paying $6.00 to $10.00 for a gallon of gas and polluting the air fish and all life on earth, when you can use hydrogen that is embedded in water which is 2 1/2 times more powerful than the hydrogen that is in gasoline and diesel fuel according to Stanley Meyers who is still alive in the spirit world in heaven not hell!

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