Time Traveler Reports 300 Million “White Only” People Are Left on Earth

I watched at least 10 time travel videos on YouTube in the last 24 hours… One thing that has haunted me is what these time travelers are reporting.  Regardless if it’s true or not, simply the fact that reports are coming in with only the white race living on magnetic cities that can be moved around the earth, and only a white Caucasian population is alive on these cities is shocking!

Is this someone’s imagination who hopes for segregation or else a total annihilation of everyone who is not white?

As racist as Hitler was, this does not surprise me at all. Everything in our today times point’s to this goal that the U.S. government has, along with all the rumors about the Rockefellers and the white Rothschild’s family. All these rich white guy’s have dominated the chatter in the world about a one world government controlled by these two families.  One family is out of Britain and the other is from the United States.

Could it be that once an individual owns so much money that they can actually use technology and money to exterminate everyone who is alive around them?

Could it be that technology is so advanced that trying to explain it to a woman who is making tortilla’s in Mexico is so impossible that these white people would rather exterminate these tortilla makers versus let them in on all this new technology like biological microchip implants in people as well as regular RFID Class II implants that the Obama administration wants to place in every American on earth through his new health care plan?

Does every naïve silly human on earth actually believe people like Hitler actually exist?

Is it true that the white man killed almost all the buffalo on earth with moving railroad train cars so the Native American Indians would be limited on food to eat?

The big question is: Would this hand full of white people actually attempt extermination of all the non white people if given the opportunity?

At this point in my life looking at how racist Las Vegas, Nevada white people along with Arizona white people are towards the Latin Mexican American in the United States and elsewhere through the world. I have to admit, thinking about my ex white wife and her connections to the Klu Klux Klan, I simply have come to the conclusion…

Yes! These evil self centered snobbish white people would push the cyanide button with the implant in your body through the Obama administration and kill everyone who does not meet their criteria if they had the power to do so. (Remember Obama is half white!)

My last paragraph to this story is, believe in Jesus because he’s the answer, and if this is all true, all these evil white people in the future, past and present will have to answer to Jesus and spend eternity in hell or heaven for their actions in this dimension of earth.

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