Total Intrusion on Your Privacy by Google

According to the video attached to this blog…

Google has a patent published with the United States Patent office that discreetly incrementally collects household sounds from your computer microphone to determine what type of television commercials the television broadcasters should play on your television.

This is no surprise, I simply wonder if Google has ever got any government funding from the United States government in any way.  Or maybe Google is the government in an under cover disguise.

Regardless of who did what and how they did it, it’s now done. The year 2013 has arrived with many technological advances in favor of the government and not the hard working people of earth.

With this kind of data processed it can be sent out to every type of manufacturer of any type of product to determine what to sell us next.  The problem is… What happens when the people with all this technology finally determine that all us humans want is food, water and love?

Some others may simply want a beer…

After these big elite wigs with all the cash finally conclude there is nothing left that they can sell us because we are simply too educated…

Well, I hate to break the news to you folks, but these people who control our government like a puppet on a string simply may decide to create “Martial Law” with all the data processed from the Google microphones, and then they simply start exterminating the population because they can’t pull any more dollar bills from our butt holes.

The question is…

What are us Americans going to do about it?

Fortunately for the world, the American people are the only people on earth who are conditioned to fight from child hood in regards to this kind of evil.  We still have rights in this country to raise our voice and implement the American constitution into our daily lives.

Now that we know what the government is doing with our superior technology we can raise all kinds of hell and arm grandma with a machine gun in the kitchen while she’s cooking some grub for her grandchildren.

America stock up on guns ammo and every freedom that God gave you in America and get ready for the next Martial Law intrusion into your household and protect your self from the evil United States government.

One more thing America, after this 2013 Martial Law drill in “Boston, MA (USA)”, we the people of America have every right in the world to impeach president Obama with a boot up his ass, as he walks out of the United States white house for good!

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