Twenty Trillion Phone Calls and Emails Documented and Stored by the “NSA”

According to this video very intelligent journalist’s who have lots of experience in journalism are gathered around a table with a former NSA agent discussing the fact that 20 trillion phone call and email communications have been “collected,” not “intercepted” by the United States NSA. The address to this video located on You Tube at: – You can also find this video at…

One of the journalist in this video admits that before she had a conversation with another journalist about this topic, she made sure the journalist she was going to discuss this very important topic with did not have a cell phone or a computer on her body or else any where near a phone, cell phone or else wireless device, simply in a effort not to be overheard by the NSA”.

The weird thing about this topic is, as soon as I started typing about this important subject of National Security…

Two unknown out of the blue men, one man who claims to be my neighbor and the other who claims to be a maintenance person approached my residence with a clip board in their hand to discuss the neighbor’s utility problems on my property just before I started typing this information about this video. This type of intrusion on my residence has never happened before out thin air. This makes me believe what I’m publishing today is on a very important topic and that I’m also be watched very closely by the NSA just like every other person on planet earth is. (My full grown 150 pound male Rottweiler enjoyed chasing them off the property)

According to the various interviews conducted on this video, it seems the United States national FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) has the final say on who to harasses first, or else simply who to target next…

This whole episode of events reminds me of the United States White man riding in railroad trains through the United States, shooting and killing all the American Indian’s buffalo with rifles that were stuck through the windows of the moving train as the buffalo were running to avoid the bullets that were taking down the herd… The reasoning behind shooting all the buffalo is simply to starve the American Indian to death by targeting and exterminating their food supply.

Now back to the year 2013, according to “Scott Lively” a world renowned lawyer and researcher… Scott has written a book about: “cited” books by German doctors and officials that proves that the Nazi’s were homosexuals. That being proven, it is very obvious what is going on…

Our United States home grown homosexuals have grown up to be 2013 Nazi’s with years and decades of preparation behind them by seducing our elementary school children with homosexual acts and education. Not only that, these evil Nazi’s manufactured from Hell, Satan possessed perverted Fags, have perverted just about every movie Hollywood has put out for the last 20 years.

The reason for all the privacy intrusion is, our new Nazi nation is spying on the rest of us normal folks to find out if men are actually sticking their fist up another man’s ass. With all the brain washing on our world wide children they simply want to make sure we are all converting peacefully into homosexual fags who stick their fist up each others ass!

This is no joke folks!

Fags actually stick their fist up each other’s ass, according to Fag protesters who admit to doing this on a video at

America its time to Wake Up!

Take back your country, one disabled Nazi Fag Homosexual at a time.

All the evidence is now at your door step…

Wake up and take action!

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