We Humans Have the Right to Know the Truth!

If I’m a delicacy on a Grey Alien’s menu as being a vitamin mix to their favorite drink that is extracted from a gland in my body…

You and I have the right to know!

If 25% or more of the “United States Gross National Product” is going to build advanced underground bases for grey aliens to someday take over and live in, I the citizen of the United States demand full disclosure of all the money being used to accommodate aliens who want to eat specific glands located in my human body.

As a cow going to slaughter all of us humans on earth who are completely kept in the dark about black operations by our United States Government since 1909 now in the year 2013, we have a immediate right to know the truth!

All my fellow humans reading this its time to find out where all the cash from your government is going and stop being the stupid human that simply is told to walk into the slaughter house to get your glands extracted from your body to be digested by a Alien from another planet!

According to this video somewhere in the vicinity of the year 1949, the United States made a treaty with the Aliens to allow them to use Americans for testing purposes for the exchange of alien technology.

This United States government is responsible for over a million human deaths and missing children according to Phil Schnieder a black operations engineer who works for the United States Government and lost fingers off of his left hand to an Alien who was trying to kill him and other army personnel who died in the underground war as his crew accidently drilled into their underground bunkers.

At the time of this video Phil claims to have been shot in the shoulder by an FBI agent that he killed, he was making this presentation with a two week old fresh gunshot wound to his shoulder. In the presentation he was not using his left arm that much and it did look like he was in pain on that side of his body which makes me believe his testimony even further. His fingers in the presentation were evenly cut like a laser of some sort did cut off his fingers. He describes the grey aliens rubbing their stomach then using a high intensity laser weapon to cut his fingers off as well as injuring other parts of his body in the self defense fight.

Phil also claims he used his hand gun to kill the alien he confronted. Phil claims these aliens are mortal and they do die.

Phil also mentions God, and for society to hold on to their religious beliefs, especially in the United States.

On the video it mentions that Phil showed up dead in his Oregon home in the year 1996. At the time I have watched this video there has been around 8,000 views and this is a crying shame that only 8,000 people have watched this video since 1996.

People of the world, with all the disasters going on in government and ecological effects to the worlds environment, it is now time for us humans to demand full disclosure from our United States Government about the truth of this deadly species who wants to reduce our human population due to the fact that we will contaminate them with our human germs and they want to put us in a glass jar some where and only extract our human glands when their appetite compels them to do so.

Watch Phil Schinieders video and then you deicide if its time to march in front of the United States White House and demand immediate answers!

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