Welcome to the year 2013

Hello, my name is Gabriel De La Vega Jr. and today’s date is August 14, 2013…

Somewhere around the year 1986 I met a stranger on a public street carrying a guitar case. This stranger claimed the FBI just tore apart his scientific laboratory that was in his garage because he discovered a way to control a persons mind by embedding a computer chip in a person.

This person also claimed all the paper work was inside the guitar case he was carrying.

At that time I was out on the town chasing girls and more girls. So, what he was telling really did not matter at that moment…

But, today in the year 2013, I completely understand why he let me in on his little secret. It’s very obvious by the looks of our current society that the FBI had caught up to this guy and simply assassinated him. His body parts are probably now digested by a shark swimming in some unknown ocean.

The reason this person exposed this truth in 1986 is in my opinion because he was very aware of the upcoming fact that their would be a time in the near future when this technology would expose itself to the public like it is now doing in the year 2013. By letting me in on that information he was making me aware of the changes that were going to immediately unfold in front of my eyes. This person knew I was a straight United States Coast Guardsman at that time who took an oath to protect my country from evil…

The stuff he was letting me in on was certainly 100% percent pure non stoppable evil and our own FBI and government were the extreme evil in the year 1986.

This person knew that my training in the Military would give me will power to resist this new technology that was about to be layered over the American population without their knowledge of it happening. I’ve been aware of this technology since this person let me in on the information and I’ve been able to survive the rough waves in my life caused by this technology simply because I was aware of what was happening around me.

Today’s obvious truth is the homosexual male fags have got control of this technology and they have convinced the world that being a homosexual fag and making a fag, a decent citizen in a Godly civilized society is okay.

IBM announced somewhere in the year 2016 they will have a implant that will allow you to connect to the internet and other peoples brains with out your cell phone but only your thoughts.

In the year 1967 Dr. Delgado of Spain controlled a charging bull with a remote control and was the first person to scientifically prove that the bull’s brain along with the human brain could be controlled and told what to do next.

Since Dr. Delgado many scientist have conducted experiments controlling brains and human thoughts up to today where we now have the technology to download all your memories in vivid color and real time action to a hard drive on someone’s computer. All your memories can be uploaded to my brain if I have the IBM Chip implanted in my body.

New scientific chatter on the internet claims that people in Europe have been test dummies by going to the doctor and getting some work done and leaving with this new Nano brain chip implant in them and not even know it’s in their body. As of today in the year 2013 there is not a device on the market you can buy to detect the new Nano chip if it’s in your body.

So how do you know if you have the chip in your body?

The answer is you won’t know until a public scanner becomes available for sale to let you know you have the implant in you.

I’m sure the IBM implant will have a scanner to let you know. But what about the other manufacturers of these chips that have no way of being detected?

Folks today I simply want to let you know, that you are now a piece of computer hardware that can be loaded with a computer software app that can be uploaded to your brain. Yes, it’s now very simple to program a human person even without them knowing they have been programmed to suck dick and be a fag who takes it up the butt, or else simply vote for Obama the current president of the United States.

There is no privacy today, every thought you make can now in the year 2013 be downloaded into someone’s hard drive in full video color…

Welcome to the year 2013.

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