What Does Martial Law in the United States Mean to You!

To me martial law in the United States simply means an extension of the current martial law taking place inside the United States right now…

If the current demons running our local and national government can not physically kill you; they will simply attack your finances and your ability to make money. After that they simply expect you to die of no friends and money.

Once the demons running these governments in the United States realize that Jesus is real and he provides food and friends for the average Christian on earth, these demons in government go one step further and create physical martial law.

Now, to me this simply means the police and any other government agency can legally arrest you or your family for simply walking the street after curfew which I speculate will be somewhere between 7 and 10 pm everyday.

I also personally believe that a continuous state of martial law in the United States simply means every citizen is in a holding tank, which in this scenario, is your own living room…

Now as these government politicians roam the beaches of America at night raping your daughter’s and your brothers daughter’s with ruthless speech and baseball bats to their heads once their done having sex with your kid…

Mean while as this is going on, you are simply in line, in the comfort of your own home waiting to get executed via gunshots to the body or else simply you will be escorted to the nearest gas chamber.

Now as this woman writer & researcher “Susanne Posel” clearly explains in her video the land in America is currently owned by China and other countries that have investments in the United States. China has well over a billion people so they certainly know how to handle population in a communist fashion.

Combine China and every other radical leader that is not a Christian into one arena and let them figure out a way of moving to America with their U-haul truck on a boat over the ocean to their new piece of land that they have the deed to…

There’s only one problem to this very realistic scenario… There’s currently American’s living on the land they currently financially own.

These world wide wack jobs want to kill the obsolete straight Christian American, simply because a bank somewhere in the world told them they are the owners of the land you the average American’s are currently living on.

Writer & researcher “Susanne Posel” claims and explains in detail in her videos that our own government is attempting to kill us Americans one at a time. I honestly believe her because I caught these guys with their hand in the cookie jar several times in my own life experiences as a American on earth…

Yes! They have come after me in several ways. But I’m an ex military person and I have the ability to recognize severe evil in our own United States government just like a dog would recognize a evil change in his owner who feeds him each day.

Truthfully, we are nothing more than dogs on this planet if you earn less than a million dollars a year to these perverted Fags that are currently running our government. The truth has to be exposed to you everyday Americans earning a measly $20,000 to $50,000 per year.

Yes! These evil Fag bankers are not only coming after your land, vagina and every other asset you own in 2013, they want to reduce the American population to only 66 million people according to this woman writer & researcher “Susanne Posel” who explains this clearly in her video!

In conclusion this is what martial law in the United States means to me.

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