Why do Americans wear their Pants Below their Ass?

Have you ever questioned yourself why a growing number of Americans wear their pants below their ass?

I tried not to think of such horrific people until I’m faced with a multiple pair of Americans in the grocery store with their pants below their ass tying to hump my leg like a bunch of dogs out of a 2013 horror flick.

I’m not a very fond believer of a public dress code… But sometimes we Americans are just a little too lenient…

Since the world wide economy is currently going straight down the tubes because of machines and computers that are dramatically reducing the work force of the world.

I personally believe the reason for this shocking array of Americans deliberately showing their underwear in public and listening to rap music while simultaneously dancing and walking… I personally believe it is because the lack of morale school teachers in American schools and the lack of morale American parents who themselves wear their pants below their ass.

I witnessed a man with two children and a wife getting out of their family car… The strange thing is the father had his pants below his ass. This has gone far beyond a temporary fad for teenagers; this has become an evil culture from the Devil Satan in the depths of Hell!

How degrading for a child to have his or her father walking in public with his pants below his ass! This type of behavior is becoming a culture disease that has seeped and crepe d it’s way into the American White House in Washington D.C. the nations capitol!

The honest down to earth solution to this problem is make a strict law to arrest anyone who deliberately, without a question, display’s this type of behavior and immediately send them to a prison where they are forced to pick up trash off the American highways of America in a bright orange uniforms for at least one year.

This will clean up the highways of America and provide more jobs for prison guards and will hopefully eliminate this type of behavior.

If us Americans want a clean Christian society to live in we have to take measures like this to the next step to preach the gospel to these children who had father’s with their pants below their ass as a role model.

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